Romanian director, Carmen Lidia Vidu, represents her hometown at Brussels

„ARAD. My virtual diary”, the second short film directed by Romanian director Carmen Lidia Vidu will premiere on Saturday, May, the 9th,  within the event Open Doors Day at the EU institutions in Brussels. 
My name is Carmen Lidia Vidu and I have spent my childhood in Arad. My friends live with one step into reality and one step in fantasy. When I am in Arad, I always eat langoși, the traditional local donuts and I buy myself clothes from the rag fair.(…) While I lived in Arad I fell in love with theater. Today I am theater director. I still wish to do a show in Arad.
This is how the one day long story of the main film character starts. The main character is actually director Carmen Lidia Vidu, who lives in real time a story from the past by  taking the viewers to the most meaningful places from Arad, the places of her childhood. Among the trolley rides, bycicle rides, shopping, swimming, walks to her her favourite church and the home  from home, in the movie also star the director’s close friends  and the parents.
The concept, script, direction and executive production of the short documentary movie, „ARAD. My virtual diary” film belong to Carmen Lidia Vidu. The movie was made by a team of professionals, which was also helped by volunteers.

In an interview I did with Carmen Lidia Vidu, I asked whether she chose her directing job or the job chose her. She answered that she did not know and that she wished she would have become a lawyer, as well as her parents. Right after the  1989 Revolution in Bucharest, the video cassettes started to become very popular. There were 3 or 4 places where you could rent video cassettes in order to watch movies in Arad. I watched them all, regardless of their type. Then I watched them again. I was eager to see movies all the time. I was really touched by the films with lawyers, who defended a man, a cause or whatever. All the movies had one single ending – the lawyers exiting the court room and outside there lots of people, journalists praising them for defending the justice. This is how I imagined myself – as a defender of truth exiting the court room and being praised. I changed the lawyer entitling with the one of director, which is also surrounded by people and is also defending something, said smiling Carmen Lidia Vidu.

More about Carmen Lidia Vidu’s work you can find out by watching her theater multimedia shows on her youtube channel:

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