People come and go, passions are forever

When the night settles down over town, I can see clearly the world, my world and the world between us. Too many places, too many faces, too many voices, too many states, but I never stopped running and never did I hesitate in doing good useful things for people. I stay devoted to my passions, stay true to all the people I knew, dead or alive, they offer me a lot of energy. And keep on going. My mind never stops, my heart keeps spreading joy and hopefully my activities reach the ones in need, touch people and why not be useful to them. I have this strange inner urge to help the outside world. I never thought as myself as real being, just a soul who came on this Earth to help and be useful. When I stopped believing in what I did, then my work turned against me, so I had to win it back, as there was nothing that I treasured more in this world. All that I do I do for people – my writing, my videos, my drawings, my charity singing, my interviews, my life is dedicated to people. And when I do not do any of these things I take time to connect with the untalking creatures, which are my dog and my cats, who made me discover another mean of communication – the language of senses, which I learn from them day by day.

I have been haunted by this image of my funeral as I stand there in the glass casket as the ones crying the loudest are my talents. If not developed, a talent becomes a curse, but once you have started to develop it, a talent becomes a blessing to you and to the ones near you.

Remember to always work on your talents, passions and skills, because they are  your lifetime mates and they are the ones making your life worthwhile. It takes courage to live, because everybody can die.


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