Devoted to the Japanese dream: 10 years of The Romanian-Japanese Study Center in Bucharest

Șerban Georgescu, manager of The Romanian-Japanese Study Center : Ten years mean a lot. If I was to talk about them in terms of coordinating the center, I would say that 10 years mean: hundreds of students enrolled at classes of learning a language, discovering a culture, finding out more about the Japanese business environment. They also mean a few hundreds of cultural events (performances, workshops, concerts, book signing, conferences, art exhibitions, photography exhibitions and others). Over 150 persons had the chance to visit Japan within our cultural programme. We organized 6 editions of the Japanese-Romanian summerschool in Sarmizegetusa, Curtea de Argeș, Bucovina, Timișul de Sus, Balchik, Maramureș. A few dozens of students had the opportunity of benefiting of internships in Japan, scientifical international conferences and many other.  

Ten years of The Romanian-Japanese Study Center for me personally meant the opportuity of understanding how it was to work out of passion, to work for something which you really believe in, to work along with people who meanwhile became my friends and together we form a real team. Ten years meant the chance of being in the right place when it was to help remarkable stundets to fulfill their Japanese Dream, but also to meet new young generations of students who are extremely talented and devoted to their passion for Japan. 

În plan personal, cei zece ani de CSRJ au reprezentat șansa de a înțelege ceea ce înseamnă să muncești de plăcere, să lucrezi pentru ceva în care crezi cu adevărat, alături de oameni care ți-au devenit prieteni și cu care formezi o adevărată echipă. A însemnat șansa de a fi la locul potrivit atunci când a fost vorba de a ajuta tineri remarcabili să-și împlinească visul japonez, dar și de a cunoaște generații de tineri extrem de talentați și devotați pasiunii lor pentru Japonia.

We have the great pleasure of inviting you on Wednesday, 13 May 2015, at the 10 year anniversary of The Romanian-Japanese Study Center , called Angela Hondru. The event consists in a gala of awarding the students of the center which will take place unde the name of Hara Urara Grand Festa, in the Aula Magna of the Romanian-American University starting at 19:00.

For the first time, the show will be held by artists from Japan mainly. The artistic programmee includes traditional Japanese music, a perfomance made by Mr. Daichi Kawada (taiko) along with Mrs. Maya Kawada (shamisen), classical music and modern music, a performance made by Mrs. Hiroko Kawada along with other Romanian artists.
Another performance will be a show which combines japanese martial arts with stunts, which will be held by  Japan Tatedo Association from Osaka.

We mention the fact that this event is part of a wider series of events, which are reunited under the name of the Days of the Japanese Culture at the  Romanian-American University. At the event there are expected to take part over 500 persons: representatives of the partner companies, professors, stundents of the university and students of the Department of Asian Studies. The event will be followed by a cocktail party which will take place in the Protocol Hall.

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