Useful for teachers: The interactive documentary

The interactive documentary brings education and tehnology together. I sat down with Marie-Pier Gauthier, production director and Dominic Desjardins, executive producer of National Film Board of Canada, and talked about the interactive documentary, webdoc.

How much tehnology does one have to know in order to make such a documentary?
Marie-Pier Gauthier: When we do a documentary at the National Film Board of Canada it is never just one person, it is always a team. I would say it involves the production and the it depends on the kind of production we are doing. If we talk about documetaries they are on a computer, but we also develop mobile applications, interactive instalations. It depends on the format of the project. There is a creative development. They are not just programming what the creative director wants. The team is formed by a creative programmer, a graphic designer. We can have a creative documentary with just two people. We are not deveopling a webpage on which we publish videos, we do film. So the minimum requirement is those two people. Then we can have, author, film-maker, photographer, journalist, writers. It depends on what we are doing and on who has a point of view that wants to be involved in that kind of project. So, we build a different team based on the project.
I also saw that there is an education domain on the website. Is it useful also for teachers?
Dominic Desjardins: At we offer an education platform which is called campus. So, campus is a place where teachers can go and use our collection. About 6 years ago we started digitizing our collection, basically. There are 3000+ documentaries, animantions and interactive pieces that are available for free online. The platform offers this content, but also offers tools for teachers to go through this content, to find links to their curriculum, to what they are teaching in school and all that. And so it is very useful. Sometimes we do projects that are designed for a younger crowd and these will go very well in school. Do you want to talk about Primal?


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