Midnight act, Oct 30, 2007, 1:21:24 AM

Give me delusive reasons to hate you
Do anything to determine me to leave
Laugh at my tears,treat me like a thief
That burnt everything around you

It burnt every piece of trust
Turning our love into cold dust
Blinding our hearts, closing our eyes
Only to bring out foolish prides

What seemed right turned out wrong
How can the good hurt you deep inside
When it supposed to make you strong
Just have to take a big step aside

For the curtains will knock you down
Get off the stage for your life now
But I just want to spend here this night
And try to revive some of that light

It’s pointless, just a waste of time
This stubborn feeling chocking your mind
How can you crave for the sugar of a lime
Don’t be sad if u only find the sour kind…


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