For the world you are what you do…

I cannot give you solutions for all the problems in life, nor I have the answers for your doubts or fears, but I can listen and help you seek them.
I cannot change your past nor your future,but when you need me, I will be there. Only I can offer you my hand,so that hold you and do not fall. Your happinesses, your triumph and your successes are not mine,but I enjoy them sincerely with you.
I do not judge the decisions that you take in life. I commit myself to supporting you and  helping you if you asked me. I cannot stop you from moving away from me, but yes I can wish you the best and wait for your return. I cannot avoid your sufferings,when some grief splits your heart, but I can cry with you, collect the pieces and assemble them again. I cannot tell you who you are, nor who should you be. I can only love you as you are and be your friend.
A proof of wiseness and prudence, but also a sign of fear and complicity. When you say nothing, you also speak of yourself. When you keep a secret,I get aware of your friend fidelity. When you hide your own pain, I know your vigor. When you silence before the foreign pain, I know your weakness and respect it . When you are quiet in front of the impossible thing, I know your maturity and control. When you keep silent in front of  stupidity,I know your wiseness. When you keep silent in front of the strong and powerful, I know your fear and cowardice. When you hide your own merits, I know your humility and greatness.  The silence is the time where the wise one meditates, The prison of the fool that flees, the refuge where they hide the cowards.

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