One World Romania Interviews: A movie about suffering for justice – On „Euromaidan. Rought Cut”

When you risk your life and dedicate your job to serve your people, that is a demonstration of true virtue and couraje beyond any menance that may turn up. The world was very interested in last year’s conflicts from Kiev, as the victims made headlines through global television networks. I cannot imagine the ordeal of havong to deal with a problem that is larger than yourself. I sat down with film-maker Aleksey Solodunov and journalist Anna Nekrasova to discuss a few of the risks they encountered in doing the real-life shot documentary „Euromaidan. Rought Cut”.

EUROMAIDAN. ROUGH CUT trailer from Roman Bondarchuk on Vimeo.

The interview would have not been possible if it wasn’t for Arts student, Ana Taran who translated from Russian to Romanian and backwards.

What was the impact of the movie in your country, Ucraine?

Aleksey Solodunov: The movie was shown at the opening of the documentary movies festival for human righys, Docu Days last year in Kiev. It was very well received there. The audience kept a silence moment at the end of the screening. They even sang the National Anthem. But, unfortunately, in general, this type of documentary  film is not very popular in Ukraine, not even in the world.  For this reason the movie does not reach so many people. The public was very touched by  the movie because the memory of what had happened are still so alive, so fresh. For that reason the movie brought a strong emotion in the cinema hall.

What were the risks of making such a movie during times of conflict?

Aleksey Solodunov: We encountered the same risks as all the other people that were on the Maidan, and these risks started to grow gradually. They started throwing stones at us. Then, the cops beated the protesters. Gradually we started to wear protection helmets, eyeglasses and bulletproof vests. When there were killed 100 protesters, we basically enlarged the number of the protection objects. Outside the Maidan it was very dangerous because there were various weird people, lunatics, that were called by the politicians. They could harm you. They could steal your camera. They could hit you without a reason. A journalist was even killed by those weird people who were brought there.

Only one journalist got killed?

Anna Nekrasova: This journalist it is called Vyacheslav Veremiy. This is the case that we all heard about. There might have been other victims, but this was a case that happened on the 18th of February 2014. There were several people that filmed on the Maidan and they heard from the tv station that this journalist was shot dead. It was not seen live. There were certainly other journalists that were victims. Anyway, the policemen beated a lot of journalists during the protests and confiscated their filming cameras.

How do you feel about the global reaction of the foreign journalists towards the situation from Kiev?
Anna Nekrasova: I worked with a lot of foreign journalists during the Maidan and in fact these were the ones that adopted a detached and objective position. They reported the story well and I don’t think that they made use of the situation in a personal way. They even presented the facts more transparently. There are journalists who are specialized on these kind of conflict areas, moments of crisis, that come there to simply work and to carry out their duty.

How you would you like the future generations to remember your movie?
Aleksey Solodunov: It is important if they just watch the movie and to never forget what had happened there.

Anna Nekrasova: In the next 10 years, the people can still be envolved emotionally in the facts by watching a movie such as Euromaidan. Rough Cut. For example, about the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, students can now read in their school textbooks. But those are only short stories without them being able to get envolved emotionally in the facts. While they watch a video material, they are able to join the story, to feel like they are a part of it.

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