Scattered feelings on the land of no return

Most people like to dream about perfect fairy tales where they can relax, just sit and feel good. I like to fantasize about perfect circumstances and why not, perfect people. But what is perfection? Perfection to me means an absolute freedom, letting your heart own the mind, free actions, free feelings, free emotions.

Nothing must be surpressed as long as it represents you. But sadly, most of the time we act according to the context, the people and the needs involved. Of course that this is the primary survival code, but if this compromise is necessary, then why are we tired and lacking of energy when it comes to investing it into our own projects of self-development. Sometimes being a coward for yourself helps more than being strong for someone else.

When I step out of my fears and embrace the life I have been blessed to have, then the world will shine.

Sewing my heart like a corset again and this time the needle seems sharper and thicker than ever.

It is both easy and painful  to dream, but it takes a lifetime to turn them to reality.

Time is not my enemy, but it becomes one, when I forget about it.


Verbs describe us

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