Savage Grace leading actors won the Oscar for other film parts

Last night, Julianne Moore won the Academy Oscar Award for Best Actress in the film Still Alice, while Eddie Redmayne won the  Academy Award for Best Actor in the movie The Theory of Everything. But this is not the subject of this post. I have suddenly recalled that I admired the two a while ago in the same film production. 

Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne met in 2007 on the set of Savage Grace, a film directed by Tom Kalin, who I accidentally saw last year, but the element true story really made me do some reasearch about the topic of the film – mother and son close physical relationship that led to their madness and eventually to their unreversing end. 

“Your life is a lot bigger than this moment. You need to rememberthat you can’t let the trials you face right now derail your course forever.” (Savage Grace)

A few months ago, meaning last year, I saw the movie Savage Grace, whose script was based on the book with the same title inspired by the controversial relationships of the Baekeland family. descendants of Leo Baekeland, the inventor of the Bakelite plastic.

The story is focused by the mother and son relationship, who was so close that it turned out to be self-distructive for everyone they met. First, they were so rich that all they did was to go to parties and search for a person to trust, love and care for.

There is no stronger relationship that the mother and son bond. Personally, I think there is no limit in that, as it was supposed that motherhood stands for protection, goodness, care,  sharing, unconditional, endless love. Supposingly, mothers have all the right upon their children, but to harm them.

Barbara, the character played by Julianne Moore, and Anthony, the character played by Eddie Redmayne, depend on eachother emotionally, they live together and eventually find death together. Apparently, it is a toxic love story, with pain present in everything they touch, but actually it is a story about what the lack of occupation, exaggeration, money and egocentrism can do to people. By watchig the movie you can find other topics involved in this carrousel-like human relationships going to erupt like a volcano. Enter the flames or enjoy watching the sparks!

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