Coffee songs addicted

I am a coffee addicted and my name is not important as long as my body gets coffee.When you are aware of the fact that you got an addiction than you are one step ahead to curing.
Addiction can be poisoning to your body even if what you ingest was supposed to do you good.Anything in excess is harmful, although at first it seems to help you get through.
What about coffee, the controversial drink that is equally harmful and useful to your brain and metabolism?

Since I have a certain type of coffee I seem to cannot live without it, and that is not my addiction talking, that is my internal speaking mechanism.If I go a day without coffee, I cannot think straight. I tend to put all good things I do in charge of this miraculous coffee and anything we depend on for being strong, makes us weak, in fact.

Until I figure out the mystery behind this new element attached to my inner system, I present you some lovely songs about coffee?

And this is an animated video-story about the necesity of drinking coffee –

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