Searching for „The Elixir of Love” in the magic bookshop

Love cultivates knowledge, while desire worships the unknown. (…) There is only one single really cruel drama about love, which is one of the partners surpassing the other one either by imposing his will, either by declining it. (Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, The Elixir of Love)

Humanitas Publishing House has launched the most recent novel of author Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt entitled L’élixir d’amour – Elixirul dragostei, translated from French by Doru Mareș, which is available online:

About Elixirul Dragostei, three Romanian cultural journalists spoke during the book launch: Marina Constantinescu who is also a theater critic, Marius Constantinescu, who is also a writer, and Mihaela Dedeoglu, Radio France Internacional host. The discussion was moderated by Denisa Comănescu, whos is the general manager of Human Fiction Publishing House and a writer. The event took place at Librăria Humanitas de la Cișmigiu, a friendly location destined to opening cultural horizons and broadening narrow visions that some of us are guilty of. 

 In this book there is a reinvention of the courtly love and it appears now in the century of speed, in an era in which we no longer find those sensitive word to react to, said Denisa Comănescu in a soft warming voice with book in her hands. She is so attached of the books she promotes and I personally admit that after I hear her talk I go immediately and buy that certain book and I never feel sorry for my rash decision.

The book is strong through its simplicity and it charms the reader, because the author is a language seducer. I think Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt is a fabulous character, with charisma and who has a complex and sophisticated universe, these are some of the lovely words of  Marina Constantinescu, who also stated that she is aware of the undeclared Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt fanclub from Bucharest. Currently, there are 7 theater plays writen by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt  that can we seen in the Bucharest theaters .

Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt turns the reader into his friend right away. Why? Because the themes that he approaches in his books are the stories of everyone. If I was to resemble this book to a flower I would say it is a japonica, and if I was the story decribed in the book had a taste, then it would be bittersweet, said Marius Constantinescu, who expressed his desire of interviewing Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt as soon as he visitis Romania.

We have a single word for two different things – one is feeling and the othe one is desire, said Mihaela Dedeoglu, while she showed little approval of the author’s ideea exposing the fact that although the man has many lovers, his love for the woman he loves never fades away.

Within the theme of love there are hidden many secret potions and one must taste them all in order to prepare its own elixir. But we can only find out the ingredients by reading Elixirul dragostei by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt. And perhaps we may take a trip to Paris to watch him act in the play at the theater he manages – Theatre Rive Gauce.


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