Bon Jovi in Bucharest – one wild night to remember

You can never appreciate the true value of a band or an artist unless you have seen theim performing live on stage. There are always great expectation in what concerns a live concert, especially for an international superstar. As a devoted fan, you arrive on set early just to get a place near the stage, you endure the heat, the rain, the cold, you even ignore the 2 hours waiting just to see the show starting.
That’s what I felt while attending the concerts of Guns’n’roses and Shakira. So I thought that Bon Jovi would be no different. After all they are the second richest band in the world after U2, according to a survey published on
The 10th of July 2011, an afternoon taken from the desert tales, when nothing seems to move because of the unbearable heat, in Piata Constitutiei, Bucharest, Romania, 60.000 people gathered to get a piece of Bon Jovi . They announced the concert at 8 o’clock p.m. , so I expected them to show up on stage at 10, after the heat and light were gone.
At 8 o’clock sharp Bon Jovi, the gods of rock’n’roll, set the stage on fire with „Raise your hands”, then went straight to „You give love a bad name”, a song during which the crowd sang so loud that I could barely hear Jon. They sang 26 tracks from 9 of their best known albums plus two evergreen covers ”Hot legs” and ”Old time rock’n’roll”, without any pause, mistake or sign of fatigue.
During ”Bed of roses” Jon took the Romanian flag from the crowd and put it on his shoulders, the moment which the round of applause and shouts went into another dimension.
So we decided to not let them go for three hours in which they taught us the best lesson of respect, professionalism, hard work and intercultural communication – the main ingredients that ensure a band’s longevity and appreciation towards its greatest enemy called time.
Being a part of this historic concert, made me wonder : How can the four Bon Jovi members still have this inexhaustible energy after 27 years of perfoming? Was Jon really meaing it when calling us ”the best crowd” of their European tour or it was just a PR strategy?
On the second day their staff posted on Bon Jovi’s official webpage pictures from Piata Constitutiei with Jon holding the Romanian flag in his arms with a link to Facebook and Twitter thanking us for the amazing atmosphere. They did it not once, not twice, but three times in a row, which was such an honor for Romania.

The live performance can change your perception of a band radically. A live performance is the acknowledgement that the talent is what makes an artist a superstar, not the image.

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