The right to die – would you take it or leave it?

When your conscience says law is immoral, don’t follow it. (Jack Kevorkian)

Humans have all the liberties in the world, beside taking their lives. One man tought that the tight to die also constituted a liberty and fought with persuasion for it. Listen to him and tell why he is not right or why he should be. After that, tell me  If you heard music while someone was painting a picture of your life how would it sound and look like? Mine would be the sum of all voices that I loved and the faces of all souls I treasured.  This is the most brave thing I can say about the end of my life. Boring and pathetic.

Do you know Jack? An oil painter and a jazz musician could also be the inventor of the suicide machine and while he painted your portray or sang his music he could give you a consulation on which you both will determine whether you are an eligible candidate to press the stop button.

The suicide machine caused such a scandal in the state of Michigan, while it was regarded by the Dr. Death who said to be called Dr. Life as an instrument of freedom. He worked hardly for the right to die to become a constitutional right, the greatest influence he had upon the minds of people to raise the attention of some HBO film producers

Films have  a significant educational role and as I noticed that Hollywood scripts are mainly based on true stories, which is good, it means progress and authenticity. One great feature of the Americans is to take any subject, let’ s say assisted suicide, and to turn it into a big screen and media sensation, with Al Pacino taking the lead role.

Can you explain such succesful options to a dreadful hard to bear story? The story of earning the right to die. Dr Jake Kevorkian fought for the Americans’ right to assisted suicide. With no fee he helped to end the sufference of 130 persons. He was convicted several times and the last time he was thrown in jail was for taping an assisted suicide and showing it on tv. These are tiny bits of facts present in the film – You don’t know Jack, which won many important awards in the film industry like Golden Globe and Emmy.

I can’t wait for another biographical film about the patients of Dr. Death.

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