They understand everything

we are all searching

A great big thinker once said that the human being is the only animal that has not found his place on this Earth, meaning that all animals know why they what they are, what to do with what they have, while the human is forever lost in searching with neverfindings. Nature is never out of lessons of helping us acknowledging not finding our true selves.

A file from Woggy- Doggy’s diary: I am always happy and I like to socialize with each living creature I meet. I go and sniff all feet that I meet across my daily walks outside. The reactions I get are quite mixed – fro delight and enchantment to fear and actual cursing words. How do I know they are cursing words? Well, I have a very good hearing skill that adds to my very evolved sense of feeling and understanding what I don’ know. It is a safety  weapon with prevents me to use my real weapon – biting. But animals never attack unless they feel like they are in a great big danger. As big as two cats, I, Woggy-Doggy, have the main occupation in keeping the ones I meet happy, although they sometimes react differently to my genuine intentions, I really enjoy playing with people, dogs, cats, birds, and when I am not out, I really like to sleep until the next escapade.

A file from Lisa & Leea’s diary cats: Comfort is what we install at once as we get to a place we like and the bipeds are cooperating roomates and they set up the proper environment for the indoor cats. By environment we first mean the energy they provide. If they are angry or nervous we go and hide, if they are peaceful and calm we show up and ready to purr some pure positive energy near them. We mainly like to eat a decent meal and find new ways of relaxation around all sorts of furtniture around the house and delight your view as well as your senses. Even watching us sleep gives you a feeling of relaxation, then cats really have a spark of magic that shine only for you, the one caring about them. We like to watch you and be near you only when your energy decreases and you need refill. We actually know more about you than you know about ourselves, that is why they call us a loving mystery.

And if Woggy Doggy and Lisa & Leea Cats would sing and dance, this is their song:

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