At 17, all you need is a date with…

Empathy perhaps is the hardest when it comes to deadly diseases. If you are 17, all you have to do is to have fun and try as many things to discover yourself, to meet as many people to whom you have to start wonderful journeys. The rest is all up to destiny.

What if destiny is set you up a date with cancer?

Two brave girls lead their lives in partnership with a cruel disease, that eat them up bit by bit with every gasp of air that enters into their lungs.

In the first movie – Now is good – produced by BBC FILMS, the disease makes the suffering genuine Dakota Fanning more brave and outspoken as her parents have no idea how to behave while she is near them. She is cheered by his younger brother asking all the time – when my sister dies can we go on holiday? or when you are dead, will you come to haunt me? All the acid lines seems like a balm for Tessa, the character portrayed by Dakota.

Our life is a series of moments. Let them all go. Moments. All gathering towards this one.

Although more popular, the second movie The fault in our stars had many points of views and characters that you could relate to, that were enhanced by the situations they passed through. Personally, the crossing over actions kind of confused me, as there was really no deepness in them but in the lines the actors said and of course in the majestic montage.

You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world…but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.

Maybe suffering from a deadly disease highlights the fact that life is a one way journey and just because some us go quicker than the others, does not mean that they are less fortunate or backwards. Having a deadly disease makes you more conscious about your life and your dreams and how you should step out into the world, to get accustomed with the pain, to live with the wounds, and to be bold enough to still make it. Not make it to the grave, but to the hearts of the ones you love through what you can do. Maybe a disease helps you define your purposes, not your flaws and faults, and makes you more aware of what you want from life as she seemed quicker in choosing how you should spend it.

Verbs describe us