Yard Sale 4 animals

The Romanian Association for Animal Protection Robi is organizing a charity yard sale on their facebook page, from which you can buy all kind of clothes and by your purchase you can help cats and dogs, that were saved from the streets of Bucharest, capital of Romania, Europe: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.789621437777081.1073743077.140044309401467&type=1

Asociația Robi is the oldest Romanian animal protection NGO and the most active in animal welfare. Since 2001 they are constantly fighting to reduce the numer of abandoned cats and dogs on the streets, forests, fountains, ruins, animals found in critical conditions.

I myself was a volunteer at Robi, and I can testitify that the volunteers are deeply envolved in animal care and apart that they have their daily jobs or academic classes.

Their on going work for saving hundreds of animals each year needs our constant support.

So please if you love animals, but you cannot become a volunteer, you can log on to www.4animals.ro and see how you can help there. For any further details you can write to asociatia.robi@gmail.com

Anyone who loves animals can help make this world a better place,

starting now.

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